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True crime is something that I follow as a hobby, and the Court TV channel shows us the aftermath of real-world crimes and their consequences.

I usually watch the channel online, but I wanted to try the channel on cable so that I could have everything I watch in a single place.

To find out more information about the channel, I decided to research online how the channel operated its services.

I checked out Court TV’s website and went to a few user forums to ask people who had been watching Court TV if there was any way to get the channel on cable.

After several hours of in-depth research, I managed to get my hands on a ton of information about Court TV and how they ran their channel.

Hopefully, when you finish reading this article, you’ll know if watching Court TV on cable is possible.

Court TV is on regular cable TV as a local channel broadcasted by one of its numerous affiliate stations.

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Keep reading to find out where you can watch Court TV and find other court shows that are popular right now.

Is Court TV On Cable or Satellite?

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Court TV is primarily known for its online presence, which the channel switched to a few years ago.

But it hasn’t completely abandoned its cable and satellite TV services, with the broadcast being offloaded to local affiliates.

As a result, any TV service that offers local channels is enough to watch Court TV, provided they have an affiliate broadcaster in your area.

They have agood resource on their websitethat lets you check where Court TV have their local affiliates, so go through them to see if your area is also included.

Check that you can tune into the channel that the list mentions, and if not, contact your cable or satellite TV provider and ask them to get the channel added to your TV service.

Local channels are free to air, so Court TV would be free to watch, but you will be paying the bills for your TV service.

I suggest you go for the least expensive channel package with all local channels covered so that you won’t spend a lot of money on TV.


How Can I Watch The Channel

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You’ll first need to check if you have a Court TV affiliate in your area to watch Court TV on your cable or satellite cable connection.

After following the steps I’ve described in the earlier section, remember to ask them what channel the local affiliate of Court TV is on.

Switch to that channel once you know which one it is on to begin watching the channel.

I recommend that you add the channel to your favorites with your set-top box so that you can find Court TV quicker the next time you want to tune into the channel.

This would also mean that you won’t need to remember the channel number either since it is already on the favorite channel list.

Popular Courtroom Shows

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Crime, real or fictional, has always found interest on TV, both in the form of movies and TV shows, but there are a few shows that stand out from the crowd.

Some popular shows that focus on courtrooms are:

  • Suits
  • Better Call Saul
  • Law & Order
  • Boston Legal
  • American Crime Story, and more.

Most of these shows are fiction, but some elements of real-life cases and situations were adapted to the big screen.

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Where Can I Watch These Shows?

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The shows I have discussed earlier are on a variety of networks like AMC, USA TV, NBC, and more, but most of these channels are also available with almost all TV providers.

Check their channel packages to find out if the channel that the show you are trying to watch is available on any of them.

Upgrade your package if necessary; otherwise, continue with your channel package.

You can either check online or the channel guide to know where you can watch these shows, and the schedule on the channel guide will help you know when they will be airing.

Final Thoughts

Court TV is a great place for all true crime nerds, thanks to its programming being as realistic as it can be.

They used to be only available online, but since cable and satellite TV have been around for so long, it also has a more extensive viewer base.

This is why Court TV is now on regular TV and is broadcast by local affiliates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Court TV live?

You can go for two options to watch Court TV live.

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You can go to their website and watch the channel from there or tune into one of their affiliate stations on your cable TV connection.

How do I get Court TV on Spectrum?

To get Court TV on Spectrum, you need to have a channel package with all the local channels in your area.

Court TV also needs to be broadcast in your area through an affiliate.

Can I get Court TV on Roku?

You can get Court TV on Roku by installing the app from the Roku Channel Store.

Launch the Channel Store and use the search function to find the app.

Will Dish Network carry Court TV?

The DISH Network carries Court TV, but it is unavailable on the base package.

You’ll have to go for America’s Top 200 package to get Court TV on the Satellite TV service.


Where can I watch Court TV for free? ›

Watch Court TV - Free Live TV | Tubi.

Is Court TV available with antenna? ›

Court TV is now a local channel available only if you have an over-the-air antenna connected to your TV. The channel is free to watch if your TV antenna is configured correctly.

Does Court TV have an app? ›

Court TV is great but the app needs improvement. First, If you interrupt some thing that you were watching and come back to it later, it asks if you want to resume where you left off or start from the beginning. But it doesn't matter what you select, it starts you back from the beginning.

Why can't I get Court TV? ›

The DISH Network carries Court TV, but it is unavailable on the base package. You'll have to go for America's Top 200 package to get Court TV on the Satellite TV service.

Is Court TV on on demand? ›

Court TV brings you live, gavel-to-gavel coverage of our nation's most important trials, all anchored by the most talented and trusted legal journalists in America. Plus, you can catch up with recent coverage and access a library of iconic trials On Demand.


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